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The Road to Bellagio

Left Canberra on Friday afternoon, it’s now 4am Sunday (in Australia) and finally arrived at our first stop in Bellagio. Found a pub serving pizza, ate (all very grumpily from our lack of sleep) and then walked back to our apartment.

The kids went to sleep in a flash and now I have time to reflect, but will do that in the morning as I am too buggered….night x.

Reflecting at 5am Bellagio time… it wouldn’t be our trip without delay. We were delayed in Canberra, Sydney and Thailand. Canberra and Sydney due to high winds and the closure of a few runways. Thailand some poor guy was unwell (Couldn’t stop vomiting) and it was case of the airline finding their luggage whilst we waited on the plane.

Next stop was Dubai, which I see as an architectural wonderland. Even the airport is a long organic shaped glass building with large leaf like patterns. When taxiing the runway we could see the tallest building in Dubai (and world) the Burj Khalifa (828 metres high). While I was happy to get on with the journey, it feels like there is a whole world to discover in Dubai…one day!

Once in Milan, we experienced the drive to Bellagio, Lake Como… Picture an Italian driver who frequently centralises his car on the overtaking line instead of in the actual middle of the driving lane.

Headed north on the highway (prior to Como) Luke asked the driver how fast are we allowed to go on this road and the driver tells us up to 140 kms/per hour. Gulp.


Closer to the lake the roads were windy and scary with barely a centimeter to pass oncoming traffic and at times only room for one vehicle. Our driver was googling information on his phone whilst navigating the hairiest parts of the road; we soon learnt to stop asking him questions.

One thought on “The Road to Bellagio

  1. Sema

    Holy moly as the kids would say! I am glad you have a Eurail pass for the other trips. Bellagio looks absolutely beautiful. Love you all. Enjoy xxxxx