Bel's Euro Trip

Bellagio public beach

Chloe, Luke and Zeki building a house at the Bellagio public beach, Lake Como.

This morning walked down to the Supermarcato and back home. We bought some groceries to do some home cooking. Came home made some dinner for tonight. 

Funny thing at the Supermacato though is that you are supposed to weigh and add a barcode/price to your fruit and veggies before going to the checkout. So Jem and I felt pretty stupid at the checkout and the poor lady had to go do all that while everyone kindly waited in line. 

The kids waded out to the shallow pontoon.

Following some home schooling, we whipped up a quick picnic lunch and walked down to the Bellagio public beach today. The best part about walking down the hill is getting back up..getting sore calves.

Some pictures from our day:

Bellagio beach…

Kids decided to all jump in after three… Only Zeki jumps in.

One, Two, Three and only Luke jumps in.

One, Two, Three… ha ha Zeki and Luke. Chloe still didn’t jump

Chloe on the pontoon

Hey you coming in too Mum? Do I look crazy? It’s not even 20oC!





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