Bel's Euro Trip

17 work days

I’ve realised there are a couple of things our family is going to miss out on whilst in Europe.

Fashfest, Chloe and I go to this every year (well we have been for the last two years). Last year was fun because we went shopping together and helped each other buy our dresses, whereas the year prior it was not a coordinated effort.

It turns out we fly into Milan during their autumn fashion week. I have been looking around for a fashion event hoping that Chloe and I could go to one in Milan, but they all appear to be by invite only and event management must have lost our invites in the mail. Might need to go fishing on the lakes instead Chloe.

Zeki’s basketball team may shoot their way to the final. Sadly he will miss this game. But what a year it’s been watching Zeki learn a new sport, making new friends and giving it his all up and down the court each week.

Luke’s rugby league team is doing well this year; they might make it to the final. Unfortunately, if they do make it Luke will miss the game. He actually isn’t too upset by it as long as he still gets a trophy.

Game of thrones, there is a pattern forming with finales and games and I thought I would miss the final, but apparently it’s a short season. So I should get a final fix before leaving. I can’t get enough of John Snow.

I can’t wait to get out in the sun and just relax. Malta will be bliss and hoping to run into the GoT crew there.

Work… there is so much work on at the moment and I feel guilty about taking so much leave. I am positive that this guilt will be gone the second I send that handover email.

I am hoping our flight is better than our last flight all together, where we had two attempt landings, diverted to Brisbane (instead of landing at the Gold Coast) and I walked off the plane holding a warm Powerade bottle generated by Luke.

Then there are the kids missing their other parents (Brooke, Alex, Chris and Bec) and their siblings; and I am extremely grateful that we have their support to take the kids on this 6 week adventure.  

Starting to think about all the things I should have already organised. 17 school/work days to go.


2 thoughts on “17 work days

  1. Martin

    Regarding Fashion Week, you should set aside to visit Milan on 20 or 21 September and just wander around. I’m sure you will pick up on the buzz around the town and see models and other fashion types going form one place the next. And keep an eye on the calendar:

    The venues for a number of events are not yet announced (marked ‘location da comunicare’). Some may be outdoors. There are a couple of events listed at the Scalone Arengario which faces the Piazza Duomo, and perhaps you could glimpse some of the action through the windows.

  2. Brooke

    Jem mentioned the 18 work days yesterday when we had lunch just after I told him it was coming up too quickly for my liking, he’s such a shit stirrer! It’s going to be amazing and you’ll forget all about work!(well you certainly should) Zeki is SO excited about learning to make pizza and gelato!