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Accommodation booked

The last few nights Jem and I looked around for accommodation in Europe and the bulk of the accommodation is booked We were searching for holiday rentals on sites like and, which consequently turned into a discussion about which website had the best UI. I was right!

Whilst Chloe was keen in helping with the search for accommodation, the first place she found was in excess of €20 000. So we took over.

Tonight I let her know all the accommodation was booked. When I confirmed that none of those places had pools, there was a load of ungrateful grunting.

What is really exciting is that we managed to book accommodation in the heart of each city that we are staying in and for a lot less than anticipated, which gives me more money to buy some new Italian boots.


When booking online, there was one location in Florence that required a picture of my passport or drivers licence. I opted for drivers licence and then didn’t hear back from them, so either they have stolen my identity or they just didn’t like my look.

The house we have booked in Rome is 100m from the Trevi fountain. So I can’t wait to sit by the Trevi sipping Limoncello and checking to see if I can get one toe in the water without the police blowing their whistle.

So now 6.5 months to go and I still need to organise:

  • a change of Will
  • a house sitter
  • 6 weeks of school work and homework for 3 children
  • activities/itinerary for Rome, Florence, Venice, Positano, Como, Malta and Cyprus – One activity I am really looking forward to is cooking lessons for the family in Florence (We will be making pizza and gelato); and 
  • new suits cases – need ones the kids can wheel themselves.

Any ideas for other family activities please let us know.  

We already have Aqualandia; Colosseum; Vatican; Pantheon, Pisa, Pompeii, Almalfi, St Marks Square; Glass House and Gondola ride in mind. I am sure we can find the Kisses chocolate factory too.

2 thoughts on “Accommodation booked

  1. Martin

    You might be out of luck with the Trevi fountain. Rome had a drought this summer and turned off all the fountains. Sorry.

    Meanwhile, I hope you have corrected your earlier oversight and so you have now included me in your will.